Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Year Randoms

I always get a little sad after Christmas. I love the holiday season and it's hard to see it end. I do look forward to the new year and all the fun things life has in store. It also helps that we have two birthdays in January. We spent a lot of days indoors in January.

For Christmas, Ethan got me an adult coloring book. So one day during Evelyn's nap, Ellia and I had some coloring time.

One afternoon we got locked in Ellia's room. Ellia has locks on the outside of her room. We just sat down in her room, when I saw Ellia lock the door and then shut it. I was like "Noooooo!" We were stuck. Two doors, both of them locked. First off, I was grateful that Evelyn was in the room with us, or I would have been even more in a frenzy. But, unfortunately, my phone was downstairs. We were locked in there for over two hours! I tore Ellia's room apart trying to find anything to get us out, but no luck. I kept the window open to see a passerby, but it was January, so of course here wasn't a soul. Finally, Ethan came home and I was pounding on the door and yelling for him. There is now a tool hidden in Ellia's if this should ever happen again.

This baby is delicious in every way!

If Evelyn is fussy, this is a sure way to calm her down, she loves this position.

I miss the days of babies just being able to fall asleep so easily and anywhere. *sigh*

Ellia and her friend Paisley after dance. Such good little friends.

Ellia cracks me up with Evelyn. One day I was trying to put laundry away. I had my back turned for a minute and found this. I could not stop laughing.

 We spent some days at the library to play and read

Welcome Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas. We had an enjoyable Christmas Eve where we relaxed and went to my Grandma's for dinner. Ellia did not want to participate in the nativity this year and was pretty adamant about it, so we watched, which might have been my first time being in the "audience." Christmas morning was so fun, Ellia was a little timid and confused why we were making such a big deal after she woke up, but was ok with it when she saw all the toys. Ethan and I were prepared this year and got most of our shopping done really early, best idea ever!

We spent the morning opening and playing with presents. The day was nice and relaxed as we spent it in our pajamas and had visits from both grandmas and grandpa. Ellia got Inside Out and we watched it, it was my first time, and I totally lost it when Bing Bong jumped off the wagon (I'll blame it on pregnancy hormones). It was the perfect Christmas day.

Friday, August 26, 2016

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's no surprise that Christmas is my favorite time of year. Although Ellia doesn't fully understand Christmas, it didn't stop her from enjoying the magic of it. I love Christmas Sunday and our sweet girls in their dresses melted my heart.

We celebrated in a lot of ways with family. My mom had a dinner where we opened our presents, frosted sugar cookies, and ate lots of yummy food. My phone is taking horrible pictures, but I'll take what I can get.

Then we had a dinner at my dad's where we made and frosted sugar cookies (there's no such thing as too many cookies). We also had a visit from Santa Claus where Ellia received a stuffed Snowbird bear and beanie and Evelyn got a Snowbird onesie.

Is there anything cuter, then a little baby all snuggled up and sleeping? She's so dreamy dreaming about a white Christmas.

I had visions of homemade Gingerbread houses, but with a newborn, I thought I'd cut myself some slack and picked up a nice kit from good old Walmart. Ellia loved decorating it and sneaking treats.