Thursday, October 20, 2016

New Year Randoms

I always get a little sad after Christmas. I love the holiday season and it's hard to see it end. I do look forward to the new year and all the fun things life has in store. It also helps that we have two birthdays in January. We spent a lot of days indoors in January.

For Christmas, Ethan got me an adult coloring book. So one day during Evelyn's nap, Ellia and I had some coloring time.

One afternoon we got locked in Ellia's room. Ellia has locks on the outside of her room. We just sat down in her room, when I saw Ellia lock the door and then shut it. I was like "Noooooo!" We were stuck. Two doors, both of them locked. First off, I was grateful that Evelyn was in the room with us, or I would have been even more in a frenzy. But, unfortunately, my phone was downstairs. We were locked in there for over two hours! I tore Ellia's room apart trying to find anything to get us out, but no luck. I kept the window open to see a passerby, but it was January, so of course here wasn't a soul. Finally, Ethan came home and I was pounding on the door and yelling for him. There is now a tool hidden in Ellia's if this should ever happen again.

This baby is delicious in every way!

If Evelyn is fussy, this is a sure way to calm her down, she loves this position.

I miss the days of babies just being able to fall asleep so easily and anywhere. *sigh*

Ellia and her friend Paisley after dance. Such good little friends.

Ellia cracks me up with Evelyn. One day I was trying to put laundry away. I had my back turned for a minute and found this. I could not stop laughing.

 We spent some days at the library to play and read

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